System EDI.

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Maintaining business continuity means taking the control when things tend to get out of hand. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has changed the way we work today: integrating 2 IT systems brings considerable advantages.

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Why implement an edi system?

EDI systems are platforms for the exchange of commercial, logistical and administrative information that can ensure full business continuity, which has become a global standard in both commercial and technological terms.

The use of this technology offers many advantages:

  • reduced operating costs;
  • elimination of errors;
  • reduced the use of resources;
  • quick and easy access to historical and management data..

The future of EDI in logistics

The use of an EDI platform is a key choice for the successful management of logistics processes, whether they are managed directly by the company or outsourced to third-party providers. Just think of the impact that delivery notifications have not only on warehouse management, but on the development of a solid sales strategy.

In fact, an EDI system makes it possible to inform one's commercial partners such as large-scale retail trade and large-scale distribution in real time by means of notifications concerning:

  • confirmation of receipt of goods;
  • stocks;
  • events (e.g. goods blocked) linked to the warehouse;
  • confirmation of shipment of orders, complete with technical and identification details;
  • status of shipments (Outbound - In Transit - Delivered);

Improve your logistics with an EDI system

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