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Storage of goods in Alpentrans

Entrusting the logistic management of the warehouse and the storage of goods to a technologically advanced and efficient partner like Alpentrans Alpentrans brings benefits e-commerce both to small e-shops and to much more structured businesses, even with thousands of shipments per month..

When dealing with an e-commerce for the first time, maybe with a new business, people immediately think about where to store the goods, but they never ask themselves if the structure, the technological capabilities or the staff are adequate. Damage to goods during handling or a simple theft are sporadic occurrences that "don't happen to us anyway, at least not at the beginning", but can jeopardise not only the result, but even the existence of the business itself. Having well-structured logistics processes is a critical success factor for e-commerce: being able to guarantee the preparation and delivery of goods in any situation allows your business to never stop..

We pick and prepare products to be shipped

Picking may seem like a trivial and purely manual operation, but it is in fact a delicate process, which requires to be supported by appropriate technological tools in order to be managed at its best..

Thanks to technology, it is possible to reduce human error to zero. Human error, if not managed correctly or not managed at all, can have a serious impact on the margins of a business. A wrong shipment in fact involves, at the very least, the following costs:

  • the time needed to reach the customer and organise collection of the wrong goods;;
  • a new shipment to recover the wrong goods;;
  • a new operation to receive, check and take in charge of the wrong goods;;
  • a new shipment to send the corrected goods to the Customer;;
  • a series of indirect damages, some of them significant and not to be underestimated, for any negative reviews left by the customer because of the error..

Even if you think that the order fulfilment process is not a cost for you, you will still be forced to face "hidden costs" linked to the consequences of the error, which are often much higher than those needed to outsource the operation.

This is why entrusting the process of filling an order to a specialist like Alpentrans is the wisest choice to secure your business: with a precise and controlled cost you can manage, contain and minimise the direct and indirect costs deriving from human error..

We package products for shipment

The process of packing goods is the final stage in the processing of an order, just before delivery to the carrier. All primary statistical sources agree in identifying the two main reasons why customers return goods:

  • goods damaged during transport;
  • product not conforming to expectations or to the description on the technical sheet..

Considering the fact that for an e-commerce company the return of goods, a right sanctioned and protected by the Consumer Code (legislative decree 206/2005), is the main cause of reduced earnings, it is easy to understand the strategic importance of careful and specifically shaped packaging..

Compared to traditional logistics, the world of ecommerce is shaped by a high number of small shipments, destined for both national and international traffic. In this context, buyers are increasingly accustomed to fast and inexpensive (or even free) shipments, with widespread delivery throughout the national and international territory within 24/48 hours..
As you can easily imagine, it is not easy to meet all these requirements at the same time. Hence the importance of choosing a specialised partner who is able to offer logistics solutions specifically designed for the world of e-commerce.

When we talk about e-commerce, shipping is always a very important part of the strategy that leads to success: by now, almost all online buyers are used to fast and reliable shipping. An error or delay in the shipment of goods is often a source of bitterness and disappointment for the buyer, who will be inclined to give a negative review of the incident, with obvious reputational damage for the seller.

Quando parliamo di E-commerce, le spedizioni sono sempre un tassello molto importante della strategia che porta al successo: ormai la quasi totalità degli acquirenti online è abituata a spedizioni celeri e affidabili. Un errore o un ritardo nella spedizione della merce è spesso fonte di amarezza e delusione per l’acquirente, che sarà portato a recensire negativamente l'accaduto, con evidenti danni reputazionali per il venditore.

Therefore, paying due attention to shipping is becoming more and more strategically important: it is not so much the choice of courier that counts, but rather the "how" the entire shipping process is managed..

The choice is very often based on an economic assessment of the pure shipping cost. Instead, it should be approached by also considering hidden or indirect shipping costs.

Here are some examples:

  • various surcharges: such as fuel surcharge, forwarding surcharge in the province delivery to private individuals, motorway and ferry adjustment, and so on;
  • the cost of the storage file, which is important as the number of stocks opened by couriers in recent months has risen sharply, together with the time needed to manage them;
  • evaluation of how the volumetric weight is calculated..

There are also a series of indirect costs that are borne by the sender of the shipment in the event of inefficiency:

  • Reduction in customer retention rate, as customers disappointed by a delivery problem will buy elsewhere in the future;
  • reduction in sales and e-commerce conversion rate, linked to possible negative reviews made by customers who have suffered inefficiencies;
  • time spent managing non-existent stock, lost shipments, delivery errors, both in coordinating the courier and with the customer..

Support and advice

Do you think it's possible to manage the operations of an e-commerce without having adequate technical support? Not at all. From the most trivial problems concerning the flow of orders and addresses to the management of delivery exceptions: all this requires adequate technical support and proper communication with the customer..

Alpentrans guarantees the best possible interface between customer and consignee through the right combination of technology, automation and specialised personnel..

The result of this mix allows both the e-commerce manager and the consignees of the shipments to feel that they are always properly followed, even in those unpleasant situations when the courier has difficulty in delivering. In addition, our team of experts supports you on all customs and tax regulations in the various EU and non-EU countries..

Alpentrans: your partner for e-commerce

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