IFS Logistic certificate

The IFS Logistic Standard IFS Logistics (or ILS - International Logistic Standard) applies to logistics service companies and maritime and intermodal transport, national and international freight forwarders, and thus to everything related to logistics and transport outsourcing..

It was drawn up by German and French retailers,, in cooperation with international experts, with the main objective of being able to monitor what happens between production and distribution.

IFS Logistics is applicable to food and non-food products and covers all activities of transport, storage, distribution, loading/unloading, etc..

It applies to tutti i tipi di logistica: delivery by road, rail or ship; refrigerated/frozen or non-refrigerated transport..

Accredia Organic Certificate

Accredia is Single National Accreditation Body designated by the Italian government, in application of European Regulation 765/2008, to certify the competence, independence and impartiality of certification, inspection and verification bodies and testing and calibration laboratories..

Accredia Accredia is a recognised non-profit association under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development..

Datacenter certificates

All our data is located in a certified data centre. We offer our customers and suppliers scheduled data backups for possible disaster recovery and thus ensure business continuity..

  • ISO 50001

    The ISO 50001 standard provides the guidelines necessary to meet the requirements of reducing CO2 emissions. Our system uses energy from 100% renewable sources..

  • TIA-942-A

    TIA-942-A sets standards for data centre design and specifies requirements for network architecture, electrical design, system redundancy, risk control, environmental control, energy savings and much more. Our facility has been certified with the highest rating (LEVEL TIER-4)..